The Dressage2Music CD series (see below to purchase or listen)

The RasMusic Dressage Series CD's have been tailor made to suit the paces of ponies and horses.  Each piece of music is an original composition by Jon Rasmussen. The CD's are broken into Series 1 and 2.  Each Series also has a Training CD as well.  
The CD's are proving very popular. This is because;

a) They are good value for money - each CD costs £20 (incl. P+P in the UK) and has 5 or 6 separate tracks which are musically themed. Most other Dressage to Music providers will charge more than this for a single piece of music - with my CD's you get 5 or 6 different tracks and thus 5 or 6 different Dressage programmes.

b) There are the Training CD's. These are being used by new starters, very young riders, trainers, or, for example, Pony Club Centres. These CD's are much longer pieces of music aimed at enabling riders the opportunity to practice the transitions between paces.  The transitions are clearly audible to help the rider or trainer lock into the next pace BEFORE it changes.

c) Every Competition CD track is built around the BHS open Dressage programme.  This means that you only have to work out where in the arena you want to be at any given time. Walk, Trot and Canter paces and changes have already been determined in the programme, which includes music for walking into the arena and a halt before the programme starts.

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Click on either of the music samples below to hear a selection of the type of music on the CD's. Please note the quality of the sound has been dramatically reduced to reduce website page loading times.

Classical Guitar Style _ 13 to 15hh.mp3

Classical 2 style_ 13 to 15hh.mp3

Purchasing the CD's

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